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Digital retouching and enhancements

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Client Andrew Pope Homes came to us regarding photos of a house in its' last building stages for an open-home advert. Even though the builders hadn't entirely finished, but due to the newspaper's deadline, we had to take the photos at the latest able moment and later tidied them up in Photoshop.
This is an example of a low budget production for a small single advert.

Panoramic photography

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We were commissioned by the new iSite Blenheim information centre to shoot an image from the Queen Charlotte Track, down towards the Sound to fill a wall space of 2.2 x 4.8 meters in photo resolution.
We worked out that we would need a 300 megapixel image to achieve the required photo detail and created it by taking 90 single images with a telephoto lens and a special panorama tripod and stitching them together in post-production.

Virtual Tours

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The Copthorne Hotel Commodore in Christchurch utilises our Virtual Tours to present an interactive "being there" experience to potential customers. Unlike still image's single angle view, Virtual Tours capture a full 360 X 360 floor to ceiling view and active control by the user by dragging the viewpoint.
Our virtual tours work on PCs and also on iPad and iPhone. We shoot bracketed exposures for high dynamic range images and have developed a special post-production workflow for more natural looking images opposed to the common HDR process.



ECOWINDOWS Ltd. in Raglan, producer of the most energy-efficient windows in New Zealand, specialises in European designed double and triple glazed timber joinery.
To display the function of the successful turn/tilt window system, we shot and created an animation of the easy one hand operation.

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