Videos for Real Estate Marketing

Video In Real Estate? Tell The Story.

Today 98% of consumers start their home search on the Internet. The majority are looking for information about homes for sale.
Online video has proven to be an very effective tool for real estate agents who utilise it. If pictures can show off an available home better than text alone, then imagine how powerful video can be to the prospective buyer. Aside from actually being there, video is the best way to get a feel for a property.
Real estate brokers and brokerage firms are steadily switching from the traditional forms of marketing such as print and newspaper to the Internet, blogs and multimedia.
Real Estate Video marketing is poised to explode in 2012. Once reserved for real estate agents and companies with significant resources, real estate video marketing is now accessible and affordable to everyone.
Interested ? Please contact us. The above video is a sample for an agent-to-camera clip. We have several packages availble and can tailor to your budget.

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